When something bad happens, even from the night before, it can carry on into the next morning. The magnification of this bad event isn’t as strong, but the feeling is there, smaller in feeling and waiting. It waits, the feeling, for something bad to happen again, where it can feed off from it and begin to envelope your body.

Photographers (or photogs) and cell phone users use items called “SD cards” to put photos and information on. These cards are flimsy pieces of plastic, but can be one of the most important objects a photog can have. Within the past 24 hours, the SD card I have used for a shoot at The Hayloft Saloon, and a spontaneous shoot with Jaime, has stopped working. I tried multiple avenues to test what could be wrong, but the actual SD card wouldn’t even show up in my computer so I could back up the files. When this happened yesterday afternoon, anxiety was at a high magnification. It was like a black seed in my chest, planted in my heart, and it’s dark, draining roots were engulfing my nervous system as each try of the SD card failed.

This is the first time something like this has happened to me, so I don’t completely have a way of dealing with it on a professional or emotional level. Thankfully, both shoots didn’t pay me directly, but the participants of The Hayloft Saloon shoot did donate quite a bit, so I’m anxious about how that’s going to work out.

As far as Jaime’s photos are concerned; yes, they were very good, and she looked great in them, but we can do a redo of the shoot sometime.